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Let the Dissertation Begin!

My first attempt to formulate my project as simply as possible: The constitution of the self in general is a necessary condition for the existence of the autonomous self. Although the importance of the autonomous self has been explored extensively in feminist ethics and social-political theory, the moral importance of the basic structure of the […]

Introductions all around!

Allo all! My name is Brandon Davis-Shannon and I am a philosophy Ph.D candidate at Binghamton University in New York State.  You can see a vague hand-wavy summary of my interests at the entrance to my site here.  I hope to have my first truly online (read: html/css/php) CV done during this course.  Maybe I’ll mention it […]

NASSP 2010 Presentation: The Invisibility of Mental Illness in Bioethics

[Note: This was originally published at my previous blog, Prospeculating, on 19 Jul 2010.] According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 26.2% of Americans (18 and older) suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.  The heaviest burden of mental disorders falls on 6% of the population.  According to the World Health […]

Course Reflections: Medical Ethics SUM10

[Note: This was originally published at my previous blog, Prospeculating, on 22 Jul 2010.] This summer I taught medical ethics at Binghamton University in a radically different way than it is typically run.  Now that it is over, I want to review both my own and my students’ experience of the class.  Lisa Lane’s post going through […]

Testing for potcert11

Just a test to make sure this is all working properly . . . .