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Prezi and Planning

I thought I’d try and put some time into learning Prezi.  Here is the result and, coincidentally, my week 4 post. One aspect I failed to include in the presentation was a discussion of the importance of html. Put simply, I think you really have to have some basic knowledge of html if you are going […]

Bundle Update #2

My proper Week 04 post will be coming tomorrow (Prezi is a time sink. Which is why I don’t use it for my classes, but I thought “What the hell!” And Prezi is a time sink), but rule one is don’t post about not posting so . . . The Google Reader bundle has been […]

A Question About “Contact”

Many states (mine included) have laws governing the amount of “contact hours” an instructor must have with students, i.e. the required number of combined in-class and office hours.  However, at least here in New York, there are no guidelines for translating this law to apply to online courses. How should these laws be understood and […]

Looking Hard in the Mirror

[Note: And I thought last week’s post was long . . . .  As always, any comments (praise or critique) are more than welcome.] I have considered teaching online a challenge ever since I taught my first (problematic) course and prepared to design my second online course.  It was clear to me that approaching an […]

Bundle Update

The Google Reader bundle has been updated to add a new blog and change Lisa’s to a potcert11-only feed.  The link at the initial post is updated to reflect that, so I’ll just post the link to that to avoid taking up too much space.

Comment Subscriptions

If I’m so big on distributed conversations/communities, why don’t I have a “subscribe to comments” option on my posts? Good point. Added!  Just use this option from now on.  Subscriptions available for “All” or “Replies to my comments.” Made possible by Subscribe to Comments Reloaded.

How to Use Google Reader Bundles

By popular demand (some demand?), here are brief video instructions for using Google Reader Bundles.  As I noted in my last post, I’ve created a bundle for the class that has all the blogs, now including the feed for the weekly updates from our esteemed facilitators, Lisa Lane and Jim Sullivan. Here is the link […]

Distributed Conversations

These posts last week by Lana and Eduardo got me thinking about the way different online spaces impact student interactions and I think those thoughts dovetail nicely into this week’s topics. [I was talkative this week.  I start with some theory, but I get practical at the end here.  Skip the first part if you […]

Fell on a Piece of Tin

One of the things you learn very quickly in doing genealogy research for the family is that aside from births and marriages most of what you find about your family in newspapers is going to be bad.  Sometimes that can be criminal (I’m still trying to find a vaguely recollected census report of one 3x […]

A First Teaching Experience

Reading Lisa’s post about bread got me thinking about my first online teaching experience.  I thought I’d share for those who are just getting started. It was just after my second year of grad school and everyone in my class was getting an opportunity to teach during the summer session.  I was assigned “Introduction to […]