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Hacking Evernote as a “Loose” Grade Book

As much as I might have to say about Elluminate, Google+, Vyew, and Voicethread (all of which I’ve used in the past), what really captured my attention this week (speaking from the past, of course.  This is week 9, right? ;)) was the article Envisioning the Post-LMS Era: specifically, the loose grade book developed (and apparently […]


I’m reading through the backlog of posts from the community from my two week absence.  And of course I missed the purposefully conversation heavy weeks!  Looking overall the in depth conversations everyone is having is really a nice reminder of the educational opportunities that conversations can be. Of course it’s also a reminder of my […]

Further Ramblings about the Distributed Classroom

My thoughts have begun to turn towards my Winter course again and, as my Examination copies of the potential textbooks have not sped their way across the United States, I’ve been thinking more and more about the form of a course based around distributed conversation (or distributed communities)–about what online “geography” is ideal for such […]

Syllabus, Syllabus, Who’s Got the Syllabus?

Most of this week’s readings and videos were uncontroversial to me.  If you look at this site here, you can see an example of how I layout and organize all the content areas of my course including the syllabus, schedule, assignments, examples, and so on (if you’ve looked at my Medical Ethics course, you’ve seen this). […]

Online instruction is better than in-person instruction!

. . . or not. I remember when the Department of Education’s meta-analysis of studies of in-class room, blended, and online instruction came out in 2009 that this was the general conclusion that was trumpeted.  Since, I wasn’t strongly involved at that point, I didn’t pay much attention.  Now that I am involved (and interested), […]