I’m reading through the backlog of posts from the community from my two week absence.  And of course I missed the purposefully conversation heavy weeks!  Looking overall the in depth conversations everyone is having is really a nice reminder of the educational opportunities that conversations can be.

Of course it’s also a reminder of my own tendency towards solitary pursuits and lends a bit of an insular feel to my advocacy for “owned” spaces.  While this ownership is important, I think that it can also have a negative impact–it can isolate and actually push students (and people in general, or course) apart if we, as instructors are not careful.

Well, I’m off to comment!

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  1. avatar Carol wrote:

    Hi Brandon,
    I usually get to my POT activities only once or twice a week, so I always have a backlog also. And then I chase rabbit trails also, clicking on links that take me to new places and commenting and reading comments, so I sometimes don’t do my own posting.

    I have really enjoyed the synchronous sessions I’ve joined on Facebook, in Illuminate. Try to jump in if you can work it out in your schedule.

    Carol Forseth

    Posted 26 Oct 2011 at 9:16 pm

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