Monthly Archives December 2011

It’s Was a Very Nice Party

Has it been 3 months already?  (Well, two months (I’m pretty sure November doesn’t count ;)).  Let’s take inventory . . . . Bright Beginnings: There I was, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!  So involved, so not overwhelmed by the rest of my responsibilities! 😀  Overall, I would characterize the first 5 weeks as successful and involved. […]

Week 10: Course Blogs

Ah, blogs.  Something I’ve put a lot of thought into, even if I’m not . . . rigidly scheduled in my use of a blog.  And I loved Cris‘ impassioned defense of blog ownership.  Lisa posted the table she’s been working on (and I’ve minimally helped with) comparing different discussion board and blog uses, pros […]

Week 11: Accessibility

Accessibility has been a concern for me ever since my third online teaching experience when I had a blind student in my class.  I admit that it had never even crossed my mind to think about accessibility issues.  I very quickly learned that Blackboard (this was when I still used Bb for teaching) was . […]

Week 11/12: Copyright

I’ve been looking forward to these weeks for one reason: Creative Commons.  I’ve never found time to sit down and learn about Creative Commons, so this was my chance to do just that (of course, that requires that I actually make time to do this class, which the past month has shown I’m not going […]