Fun Film Facts!

Since I’m currently working on four preps for six course, I thought I’d take the time to finally make up a spreadsheet of my family’s film collection (this reasoning is perfect).  In the spirit of slacking, I thought I’d share some random facts about the collection:

Oldest: [Tied] His Majesty, the Scarcrow of Oz and The Magic Cloak of Oz, both released on 28 Sept 1914

Most Recent: Toy Story 3 (2010).  The wife and I were going to go see this in the theater the day our daughter was born.  We still haven’t watched it.

Shortest Film: The Magic Cloak of Oz  (38 mins–I believe this is much shorter than the original length)

Longest Film: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (201 mins, theatrical version)

First Alphabetically: 8 1/2

Last Alphabetically: Zoolander

Most Represented Years:

  1. 2001 (10)
  2. 2004 (9)
  3. 1964/1999 (7 each)

Most Represented Decades:

  1. 2000s (51)
  2. 1960s (37)
  3. 1950s (31)
  4. 1940s (27)
  5. 1930s (25)

Most Represented Directors:

  1. Alfred Hitchcock (17)
  2. Billy Wilder (6)
  3. Robert Altman; Howard Hawks; Sergio Leone; David Lynch; Frank McDonald; W. S. Van Dyke; Terence Young (4 each)

Most Represented Actors:

  1. Cary Grant (20)
  2. Audrey Hepburn; Myrna Loy (9 each)
  3. Glenda Farrell;  James Stewart (8 each)

I was going to put “Most Represented Series,” but I’ll leave that to you readers based on the info above.  Any guesses? (Hint: look for the non-big names).

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