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Week 10: Course Blogs

Ah, blogs.  Something I’ve put a lot of thought into, even if I’m not . . . rigidly scheduled in my use of a blog.  And I loved Cris‘ impassioned defense of blog ownership.  Lisa posted the table she’s been working on (and I’ve minimally helped with) comparing different discussion board and blog uses, pros […]

Hacking Evernote as a “Loose” Grade Book

As much as I might have to say about Elluminate, Google+, Vyew, and Voicethread (all of which I’ve used in the past), what really captured my attention this week (speaking from the past, of course.  This is week 9, right? ;)) was the article Envisioning the Post-LMS Era: specifically, the loose grade book developed (and apparently […]

Further Ramblings about the Distributed Classroom

My thoughts have begun to turn towards my Winter course again and, as my Examination copies of the potential textbooks have not sped their way across the United States, I’ve been thinking more and more about the form of a course based around distributed conversation (or distributed communities)–about what online “geography” is ideal for such […]

Online instruction is better than in-person instruction!

. . . or not. I remember when the Department of Education’s meta-analysis of studies of in-class room, blended, and online instruction came out in 2009 that this was the general conclusion that was trumpeted.  Since, I wasn’t strongly involved at that point, I didn’t pay much attention.  Now that I am involved (and interested), […]

Looking Hard in the Mirror

[Note: And I thought last week’s post was long . . . .  As always, any comments (praise or critique) are more than welcome.] I have considered teaching online a challenge ever since I taught my first (problematic) course and prepared to design my second online course.  It was clear to me that approaching an […]

Distributed Conversations

These posts last week by Lana and Eduardo got me thinking about the way different online spaces impact student interactions and I think those thoughts dovetail nicely into this week’s topics. [I was talkative this week.  I start with some theory, but I get practical at the end here.  Skip the first part if you […]

A First Teaching Experience

Reading Lisa’s post about bread got me thinking about my first online teaching experience.  I thought I’d share for those who are just getting started. It was just after my second year of grad school and everyone in my class was getting an opportunity to teach during the summer session.  I was assigned “Introduction to […]

Course Reflections: Medical Ethics SUM10

[Note: This was originally published at my previous blog, Prospeculating, on 22 Jul 2010.] This summer I taught medical ethics at Binghamton University in a radically different way than it is typically run.  Now that it is over, I want to review both my own and my students’ experience of the class.  Lisa Lane’s post going through […]