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Further Ramblings about the Distributed Classroom

My thoughts have begun to turn towards my Winter course again and, as my Examination copies of the potential textbooks have not sped their way across the United States, I’ve been thinking more and more about the form of a course based around distributed conversation (or distributed communities)–about what online “geography” is ideal for such […]

Prezi and Planning

I thought I’d try and put some time into learning Prezi.  Here is the result and, coincidentally, my week 4 post. One aspect I failed to include in the presentation was a discussion of the importance of html. Put simply, I think you really have to have some basic knowledge of html if you are going […]

Looking Hard in the Mirror

[Note: And I thought last week’s post was long . . . .  As always, any comments (praise or critique) are more than welcome.] I have considered teaching online a challenge ever since I taught my first (problematic) course and prepared to design my second online course.  It was clear to me that approaching an […]