Introduction to Philosophy, S04 PHI 100 @ Cortland College, FA 11


avatar Brandon

A philosophy Ph. D student in the program on Social, Political, Ethical, and Legal Philosophy at SUNY Binghamton, I examine issues at the intersection of normative, medical, and feminist ethics by analyzing how moral structures and understandings are organized around constructions of personal identity. I teach at Binghamton, Cortland College, and Ithaca College. Outside of philosophy, I live in Binghamton with my lovely wife, a wildly active 18 month old daughter, and a rapscallion of a cat.

avatar bdstest01

avatar causby

avatar Shauna B.

I'm a history major and this is my last semester at Cortland because someone upstairs has decided to have mercy on my poor, unfortunate soul. I'm taking this course because there were prerequisite requirements on everything interesting.

avatar Alex Bateman

I am a business economics major with a concentration in international business. My interests includes anything that involves sports, from watching to playing them. I'm also interested in music and anything that involves being outdoors. I am taking this class because I have always been interested in philosophy, but I have never taken a philosophy class.

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