Introduction to Philosophy, S04 PHI 100 @ Cortland College, FA 11



Weeks 1-2: Introduction
Weeks 3-6: Metaphysics/Epistemology
Weeks 7-10: Ethics
Weeks 11-13: Social/Political Philosophy
Weeks 14-15: The End

[Schedule subject to revision]

Weeks 1 – 2: Introduction

Tues, Aug 30 – Introduction to the Course

Thurs, Sept 01 – Introduction to Philosophy

Listen: Philosophy Bites: What is Philosophy?

Tues, Sept 06 – Introduction to Thinking, Part I

Listen: Philosophy Bites: MM McCabe on the Socratic Method

Read: Plato: Euthyphro (in Five Dialogues)

Thurs, Sept 08 – Introduction to Thinking, Part II

Read: Plato, Apology (in Five Dialogues); Nigel Warburton, Thinking from A to Z

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Weeks 3 – 6: Metaphysics/Epistemology

Tues, Sept 13 – Empiricism

Bring: Op/Ed piece with fallacy

Thurs, Sept 15 – Empiricism

Read: John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (in The Empiricists), pp 7-33; 75-99

Notes: Elise T; Brett M; Jenna E; Sean B

Tues, Sept 20 – Empiricism

Listen: Philosophy Bites: John Campbell on Berkeley's Puzzle

Read: George Berkeley, Three Dialogues (in The Empiricists) pp 217-305.

Notes: Ashley C; Jacquie M; Maria M; Alexandra R

Thurs, Sept 22 – Empiricism

Quiz 01

Tues, Sept 27 – Existentialism

Listen: Philosophy Bites: Mary Warnock on Sartre's Existentialism

Read: Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea pp 1  - 27; 94 - 103; 126 - 135; 156 - 160.

Notes: Stephanie M; Julia F; Sierra M;  Cassandra J

Thurs, Sept 29 – Existentialism

First Paper Assigned

Tues, Oct 04 – Personal Identity

Listen: Philosophy Bites: Galen Strawson on the Sense of Self

Read: John Locke, Selections from An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (in The Empiricists) pp 62 - 75; Marya Schechtman, Personal Identity and the Past [Electronic]

Notes: Ashleigh P; Stephanie P; Casee A; Courtney R

Thurs, Oct 06 – Personal Identity

Write: Midterm Self-Assessment

Quiz 02

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Weeks 7 – 10: Ethics

Tues, Oct 11 – Origins of Morality

Listen: Philosophy Bites: Roger Crisp on Mill's Utilitarianism

Read: John Stuart Mill, Utilitarianism, pp 185 - 215 and On Liberty, Ch IV

Notes: Chelsie Y; Janessa S; Katelyn H; Khalia B

Thurs, Oct 13 – Origins of Morality

First Paper Draft Due

Tues, Oct 18 – Origins of Morality

No Reading: Mill, Continued
Listen: Philosophy Bites: Christopher Janaway on Nietzsche's Morality

Read: Friedrich Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morals

Notes: Brett M; Sean B; Ashley C; Jacquie M

Thurs, Oct 20 – Non-Ideal Ethics

Listen: Philosophy Bites: Kwame Anthony Appiah on Experiments in Ethics

Quiz 03

Midnight: Comments on Group Members' Drafts Due

Notes: Janessa S

Tues, Oct 25 – Non-Ideal Ethics

Read: Margaret Walker, "Seeing Power in Morality" from Moral Contexts [Electronic]

Notes: Maria M; Alexandra R; Stephanie M; Julia F

Thurs, Oct 27 – Non-Ideal Ethics

First Paper Due

Tues, Nov 01 – Applied Ethics

Listen: Bio-Ethics Bites: Jeff McMahan on Moral Status

Read: Don Marquis, Why Abortion is Wrong [Electronic]; Judith Jarvis Thomson, A Defense of Abortion [Electronic]

Notes: Sierra M; Cassandra J; Ashleigh P; Stephanie P

Thurs, Nov 03 – Applied Ethics

Quiz 04

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Weeks 11 – 13: Social/Political Philosophy

Tues, Nov 08 – Beauty Standards

Read: Philip K. Dick, In the Mold of Yancy [Electronic]; Janet Radcliffe Richards, The Unadorned Feminist [Electronic]; Andrea Dworkin, Gynocide: Chinese Footbinding [Electronic]

Notes: Jenna E; Courtney R; Chelsie Y; Janessa S

Thurs, Nov 10 – Beauty Standards

Tues, Nov 15 – Politics and Philosophy

Watch: RSA: Various, Does Politics Need More Philosophy?

Read: Hannah Arendt, Lying in Politics (in Crises of the Republic), pp 3 - 47

Notes: Katelyn H; Khalia B; Elise T; Casee A

Thurs, Nov 17 – Politics and Philosophy

Second Paper Assigned

Quiz 05

Midnight: Email Topics Redux preference to instructor

Tues, Nov 22 – Global Injustice

Bring: Hard Copy of Paper 01

Watch: RSA: Amartya Sen, Reducing Global Injustice

Thurs, Nov 24 No Class (Thanksgiving)

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Week 14 – 15: The End

Tues, Nov 29 – Topics Redux


Thurs, Dec 01 – Topics Redux

Paper meetings

Sat, Dec 03

Second Paper Draft Due by midnight

Mon, Dec 05

Write: Comments Due on Group Members’ Drafts by midnight

No Weekly Discussion Questions

Tues, Dec 06 – Writing Symposium

Bring: Draft of Second Paper

Thurs, Dec 08 - Conclusion

Write: Final Self-Assessment; Course Teacher Evaluation

Second Paper Due at midnight

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