Introduction to Philosophy FA '12 @ Cortland College

Extra Credit

NOTE: All extra credit assignments are due on the day of the short essay for that unit.  Late extra credit is not accepted.


  1. To engage with extra, in depth information related to the unit,
  2. to more closely study the basic material from the unit and
  3. to get extra points on the unit quiz!


  1. Listen to one of the assigned interviews.
  2. Summarize the content of the interview.
  3. Relate the interview to the unit topic.

1. Listen: Under each unit heading are two or more links to audio files.  For a maximum of two units during the semester, you may listen to one of the audio files for the unit.  Pay attention during the interview (taking notes might help).  What topic are they discussing?  Are there any terms you recognize?  Does the speaker mention any thought experiments?

2. Summarize: In at least one double-spaced page, summarize the main points of the interview.  Pay special attention to the material you will use in the next step.

3. Relate: In at least one more double-spaced page, relate one or more points from the interview back to the material from the current unit.  Does the interview clarify any point for you?  Does something the speaker said raise any questions for you?  Think through what new information you learned from the interview in relation to the old information from the unit.


Note: Points earned from this extra credit assignment are added to the grade for the unit quiz.

Grade Description

Demonstrates complete understanding of both the interview material and material from the unit.  Assignment shows strong engagement with material.  The summary is factually correct and the new material is related to the unit in an interesting way.


Demonstrates understanding of interview and unit material with minor problems.  Assignment shows strong engagement with the material.  Summary and analysis are largely factually correct, but have some minor errors or fails to make any new connections to the material.


Demonstrates some understanding of the interview and unit material.  Summery and analysis are complete, but has one or more major problems.


Demonstrates little understanding of the interview and unit material.  Summary and analysis have multiple major problems that show clear misunderstandings of the material.  Work may show little to no engagement with interview.