Introduction to Philosophy FA '12 @ Cortland College

Short Essay, Unit 3

DUE: Nov 13th, in class or by email before class starts.

Reminder: If you choose to do an extra credit paper for Unit 3, it is due at the same time as the Short Essay.

What You Should Turn In

  • 1 (one) 300-900 word essay summarizing, critiquing, and defending the psychological criterion
  •  Include citations of page or section # in text, as well as quotations when necessary.



  • Summarizing another person's position
  • Thinking about a topic from two opposing perspectives


  • Summarize, as completely as possible in exactly one paragraph (100-300 words), a version of the theory of personal identity called the psychological criterion.
  • Critique, in roughly one paragraph (100-300 words), the psychological criterion--explain why it does not work as a theory of identity.
  • Respond to your critique by writing roughly one paragraph (100-300 words) that refutes one or more issues raised in the previous paragraph.