Introduction to Philosophy FA '12 @ Cortland College

Short Essay, Unit 4

Due: Mon, Dec 10th, in class or by email before class starts

Reminder: If you choose to do an extra credit paper for Unit 4, it is due at the same time as the Short Essay.

What you should turn in

  • 1 (one) 550-1000 word paper describing and critiquing Primary Quality Realism
  •  Include citations of page or section # in text, as well as quotations when necessary.


  • Reconstruct a position and argument, in your own words.


  • Summarize, as completely as possible, the position called Primary Quality Realism.  Include a description of the relationship between mental and material substance, of what we can and cannot have certain knowledge, and the distinction between primary and secondary qualities. [200-400 words]
  • Critique Primary Quality Realism by explaining how it fails to guarantee certain knowledge and leads to skepticism. [150-300 words]
  • Finally, summarize Berkeley's solution or simply relying on one kind of substance (mental) and why it would guarantee the perfection of human knowledge. [200-400 words]