Introduction to Ethics Phil 140 @ Binghamton University, Win '11


Introduction to Ethics introduces students to the major concepts and theories in the history of Western philosophical ethics. Using the theme of exclusion, we will examine the historically dominant traditions and how they lead to the invisibility of certain groups. We will then read recent developments and reinterpretations of these theories, examine how they have overcome (or failed to overcome) these exclusionary practices, and how they have been critiqued by those in excluded groups. Finally, we will explore alternative ethical theories (and anti-theories) that take as their starting point those positions traditionally excluded from the moral realm and examine how successful they have been in changing conceptions of what it means to be a full member of a community of moral beings.

Introduction to Ethics was an online course that ran from January 3rd to the 21st, 2011.  This site now operates as an archive for all material pertaining to the course.

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