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Group Leader Assignments, Part II

A bit of a change on the Group Leader assignments for the second half of the course (Starting Thursday).

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Each day, we have one reading for the rest of the semester.  The readings are in topic pairs.  The first pair is on disability and euthanasia.  The second pair is on cognitive impairment.  And the third is on beauty standards.  It is every students' responsibility to read and write marginalia for each reading on the day it is assigned.

Students will be divided into groups (see below).  All students are responsible for adopting the perspective of their assigned ethical theory (So, if you posted on utilitarianism during the first half, argue from the utilitarian perspective.  If you posted on deontology, post from the deontic perspective.  And so on.) and commenting on the posts by their fellow group members.

Each member of the group is assigned to a specific day.  Every member will post on each of the topic pairs, but the group will be split between the two days.

On the day you are group leader for a reading:

  1. State what your assigned ethical theory would say about the day's topic.
  2. Explain why you assigned ethical theory would say what it does.
  3. Explain how and why your position and the day's author's differ and how they are the same.  If the positions are the same, explain how the underlying support is different.  If the positions are different, explain what about the moral elements or moral standard makes you and the author arrive at different conclusions.
  4. Respond to other group members' comments.

Grading Rubric here

On the day you are not group leader for a reading:

Comment on your group's group leader posts by

  1. Correcting any factual errors,
  2. Arguing a different conclusion from their assigned ethical theory,
  3. Pointing out a flaw in their argument,
  4. Arguing for a different conclusion from your assigned ethical theory, OR
  5. Helping build up the group leader's case.

Group and Group Leader Assignments (Dates)

Group 1

Norman da Nubcaek (Utilitarianism) Jan 13/17/19
jkwak (Deontology) Jan 14/18/20
wclark (Deontology) Jan 13/17/19
acabrera (Deontology) Jan 14/18/20
rsamuels (Virtue Ethics) Jan 13/17/19
agiyaur (Virtue Ethics) Jan 14/18/20

Group 2

dtagoe (Utilitarianism) Jan 13/17/19
emartinetion (Utilitarianism) Jan 14/18/20
Ryan (Deontology) Jan 13/17/19
dferrone (Deontology) Jan 14/18/20
Pgoodman (Virtue Ethics) Jan 13/17/19
Taylor Reinhagen (Virtue Ethics) Jan 14/18/20

Group 3

JLiv (Utilitarianism) Jan 13/17/19
cbaxter (Deontology) Jan 14/18/20
Amanda (Deontology) Jan 13/17/19
Becca (Deontology) Jan 14/18/20
Ray (Virtue Ethics) Jan 13/17/19
jsherman (Virtue Ethics) Jan 14/18/20

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