Introduction to Ethics Phil 140 @ Binghamton University, Win '11


avatar Brandon

A philosophy Ph. D student in the program on Social, Political, Ethical, and Legal Philosophy at SUNY Binghamton, I examine issues at the intersection of normative, medical, and feminist ethics by analyzing how moral structures and understandings are organized around constructions of personal identity. I teach at Binghamton, Cortland College, and Ithaca College. Outside of philosophy, I live in Binghamton with my lovely wife, a wildly active 18 month old daughter, and a rapscallion of a cat.

avatar jkwak

Currently I am a senior majoring in English and double-majoring in Philosophy. I registered for this course to better understand ethics as it pertains to Western Philosophy. Also, I will be taking this course from my home in New York.

avatar asmith

avatar manandan

I'm a junior Electrical Engineer minoring in CS at Binghamton University.