Medical Ethics PHIL 148 @ Binghamton University, Sum 11


Practice Week Schedule

Here is a guide to the Practice Week Assignments.  Each day, I will post in depth instructions for each assignment.  I've already posted Tuesday's post in case you want to get a head start.

[Note the red color of the title of this post. A post with a red title is stuck to the top of the blog because it is important.  New posts will appear below any post with a red title.  Make sure you don't miss any posts by accident!]


  • Set up your Profile
  • Sign up for Twitter
  • Review course documents


  • Email instructor Group Leader Topic preferences
  • Practice Marginalia assignment
  • Read Lecture
  • Introduce yourself to the class by posting to the main course site


  • Comment on practice Marginalia assignments from Wednesday
  • Comment on introduction posts from Wednesday
  • Respond to comments on introduction post
  • Respond to comments on Marginalia comment
  • Review ethical theories


  • Comment on the posted Lecture
  • Take the Practice Quiz
  • Write a Response to the Practice Debate post


  • Complete any missed assignments from Practice Week
  • Start reading for Week 2
  • Review course documents
  • Review ethical theories

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