Medical Ethics PHIL 148 @ Binghamton University, Sum 11


Good Afternoon!

Greetings all!

My name is Albert Thomas. Below is a short biography of myself. I hope that it gives you an idea of the type of person I am. Since we're all taking this class online, perhaps we can all find things that we can relate to in others' biographies, which will help us to become familiar with each other. Happy reading!

I'm a junior at St. John's University, majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Legal Studies. I decided to take a couple of summer courses here at BU so that I can focus on courses intensive to my major at St. John's. When I graduate, I plan on attending Brooklyn law to obtain my J.D. My goal is to become a successful attorney, and my dream is to find work on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. In my free time, I like to read, play basketball, and watch movies. I'm very laid back, and enjoy having quiet time and personal space. As a matter of a fact, my biggest complaint about schooling in NYC is that everyone wants to party, thus making dorm life a little rowdy and very loud. I have a wild imagination, and at times may say things that curve from general perceptions. I'm not very religious, but I do follow a personal moral code that I feel keeps me out of trouble and on the road to success.

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