Medical Ethics PHIL 148 @ Binghamton University, Sum 11


Introduction- Marisa

Hey everyone! My name's Marisa Sweeney-- I'm currently hanging out in Boca Raton for the week, on a mother's helping job for my aunt  (basically just chasing after three small children and making sure they stay out of trouble). I'm a PPL and Accounting major and I'll be starting my sophomore year at Bing in the fall.  I'm super excited about medical ethics-- after checking out some of the topics that are coming up in the next few weeks I can tell it's going to be a great class! I'm from Baldwin, NY (South Shore, Long Island) and it's a great place to be during the summer.  Outside of philosophizing, I like to read, go to concerts, and spend time outdoors, mostly at the beach.  I'm looking forward to a great class with all of you!!

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  1. Hi Marisa!

    Accounting and PPL, eh? What attracts you to each of those subjects?

    And on an unrelated note, what music do you listen to?

    • Hey Brandon 🙂

      Basically when I went to freshman orientation, I found out that I had enough AP credits and gen-ed fulfillments to do the double degree program (double Bachelor’s) in four years instead of five, so figured why not take advantage of that since I really didn’t have an interest in graduating early. My main reasoning for majoring in accounting is that I’ll be able to graduate knowing a specific skill; a few of my family members are accountants and it seems like a pretty cool job, albeit not the most interesting. With regards to PPL, I could have just as easily seen myself majoring in philosophy, history, economics, or even poly-sci, but PPL combined the best of both and had some overlapping requirements with accounting. I really believe in the importance of a liberal arts education, so I hope that by majoring PPL I’ll be able to stay fairly well-rounded. I also feel like majoring in both will allow me to have a lot of options later on, I could get my MBA or JD, or even both. Wow, that was a really long explanation haha.

      Music, music, music… I’d like to think that I have fairly diverse tastes in music. I’m really a huge fan of anyone associated with Arts & Crafts Productions (mostly Broken Social Scene, Stars, Feist, Metric, and Phoenix). Iron & Wine, Brand New (which is kind of the odd man out, but I’ve listened to them since the 6th grade so it’s hard to stop now), Neutral Milk Hotel, Deathcab for Cutie, Bright Eyes, and Elliot Smith are some of my other favorites. I’ve recently gotten really into rap/hip hop artists like Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and Lupe Fiasco. I also do a little singing myself, so some of my favorite contemporary female vocalists are Adele, Regina Spektor, and Emily Haines.

      What do you listen to?

      • Yeah, one of the nice things about PPL is that you can get both the historical and philosophical foundations (guess I know which PPL path you’re taking ;)).

        As for music, I tend towards lighter contemporary stuff (my wife was raised on ’80s rock and just rolls her eyes at me): Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson (yay, BU Grad!), Kate Nash, Bajka, Lupe Fiasco, Sara Bareilles, and Blonde Redhead to name a few.

  2. Wow that’s interesting Accounting & PPl, never met anyone who had both an interest in business and law.
    What is your future career goal?

    • Well I’m hoping to possibly do a combination MBA/JD program, so I’ll have to apply to and get accepted to both the Law School and Business School of whatever University. I’m pretty interested in corporate law, but it’s a pretty demanding career– I really haven’t thought too far ahead, so I’m open to all possibilities.

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