Medical Ethics PHIL 148 @ Binghamton University, Sum 11


Jenn’s Short Bio


Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer Bofah and I am currently a sophomore at Binghamton University. I applied to Binghamton with an intended career choice in medicine, hence a "pre-med" student, and a major in the field of biology. After a year's experience in college, however, I have decided to venture off into the school of nursing. This decision is in no way influenced by the detrimental courses of biology and chemistry (107 and 108), as I'm sure most who took the course would argue. My decision to become nurse practitioner is rather personal and was sparked by a realization of self and work/lifestyle preference. Either way, I am overly interested in the field of medicine and the numerous fields that accompany it.  This therefore constitutes to my main reason for taking this course.

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