Medical Ethics PHIL 148 @ Binghamton University, Sum 11


Practice Day, Part 3 (Due: 6/3, Midnight EST)

Note: If you just registered for the class, go back and do the assignments here, here, and here.

Ongoing Discussions

Always keep an eye on ongoing discussions.  During a regular course week, Case Study discussions run from Weds to Fri, News discussions run from Thurs to Sat, and Debate discussions run from Fri to Sun.  While most of the discussing will, I suspect, be done during the week.  You need to keep an eye on all ongoing discussions.  Especially if you are a Group Leader.  Under the Assignments heading to the right, I always note what discussions are currently ongoing.

Make sure you've responded to all those who've commented on your post.  And if you commented, why don't you go check out the responses?

Reading Days>Lecture

Read Fundamental Concepts on the Readings site.  No Initial Comments or Responses required, but remember that they will always be required on Reading Days over the next four weeks.

Instead, comment on today's lecture.  On every Reading Day, Part 1, you will be required to make at least one comment--this can be a simple question, a general comment, an attempt to answer the questions posed at the end of the lecture, something else, or some combination of the above.  Go ahead and comment now.

Reading Days>Quiz

The night before each Tuesday, I will post a quiz on the week's readings.  The purpose of these quizzes is to test your textual knowledge.

Today's quiz is on this week's readings.  Please follow the directions before and after the quiz to get full credit.

Practice Debate

Last night, I posted a sample Position Post, like a Group Leader would post on a Debate Day.  Your job is to write a Response to the Position Post.  Post this Response as a comment on the Position Post.  This is the description given in the Learning Packet:

This is the negative element of each Group Leader’s contribution. Here, each Group Leader should argue against the other Group Leader’s position by accepting at least some of the assumptions of the other Group Leader. Do not try to defeat the other side on your terms. Instead, determine what perspective they are arguing from and what proof they put forward and use their own perspective and proof to defeat their argument.

Response WORD COUNT: 400-600 words

Use the questions in the Learning Packet to help you figure out what to write.

Coming Soon

Next week the course proper begins.

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