Medical Ethics PHIL 148 @ Binghamton University, Sum 11


Practice Quiz

Ethical Theories and Principles

This week we covered the various ethical theories and principles we will be using throughout the course. Test your knowledge of the readings using the quiz.


Each week a quiz will be provided on the second Reading Day (Tuesday. Don't let this practice quiz on a Friday throw you off!). You can use this quiz to test your textual knowledge and reading abilities and to guarantee a firm foundation for the Group Leader activities during the week. Although these quizzes are only 2% of your grade, take them seriously, as they are a good supplement to the overview of the week's lecture.

After you've completed the quiz, email the instructor the percentage answered correctly and receive full credit.



You have completed Ethical Theories and Principles, the first quiz of the semester.  Please remember to email the instructor your percentage score below to receive full credit.  If you are not happy with your score and would like to review the questions again, you can do so by reloading the page.

You scored: %%PERCENTAGE%%

Your answers are highlighted below.
Shaded items are complete.

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