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Week 04>Quiz (Substitute)

As was bound to happen at some point, there has been a technical glitch that destroyed this week's quiz.  [This was part of the reason why progress reports went out so late yesterday.  I was busy recovering other lost data.]  So, we are going to try a different activity this week.

Assignment: Post at least one question, on a reading from this week, in the comments below.  Start by stating the reading you will be drawing on and then formulating the question.  Know the answer to your own question. Try and ask questions about key concepts or arguments.

Example: [From Buchanan - Justice: A Philosophical Review]

"What is Rawls' "difference principle?"

When you have posted your question, answer at least one question by another student.  You should try and answer a question that has not yet been answered, unless you think the answer given is wrong. Feel free to help each other out and discuss answers and questions.

Grading: If you write a question and answer a question, you get full credit.

Question Due: 3pm

Answer Due: Midnight

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