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I have put two short articles here because I will be connecting the two. The first speaks about the rate at which women are inducing their own abortions by a cheaper, less invasive, and more convenient method. The second article talks about Oklahoma becoming the 4th state to ban abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy. Mainly I would like to address the first article. It says that the rate at which women induce their own abortion is two out of every 100 and that would suggest that it is a rare phenomenon. It goes on to say that this is the report given by women who have actually been seeing a doctor for their induced abortion and so the statistics do not take into account the number of women who induce their own abortion without seeing a doctor about it.

A woman contemplating abortion must take a few things into consideration before going through with the procedure. She must think about costs (on average $430 in the first trimester, $1260 in the second trimester),  she must consider the uncomfortable doctor appointments and if she doesn’t have her own transportation then her spouse or a friend must take her which would mean she cannot keep the abortion a secret.  Therefore, an alternative that would eliminate the uncomfortable and expensive side effects of abortion, while allowing the woman to keep the sometimes embarrassing procedure private, would seem like a viable option for a woman in this sort of predicament.

The article shows that these rates are relatively low but the article also admits that the research is not sufficient enough to determine the exact rate of self-induced abortions. Many women who choose to take misoprostol usually don’t see a doctor about it and so they are not even measured into the statistics while those women who filled out the questionnaire skipped over those questions asking about their experimentation with the drug. Therefore, the actual rate is most probably higher than purported.

The second article talks about Oklohoma becoming the fourth state to ban abortion after the 20th week and also mentions that 23 other states are trying to get similar insurance restrictions for elective abortions. Many health insurance companies don’t even cover abortions today. This would show us that there are increasing restrictions being placed on a woman’s right to abort making it more and more difficult. Do you think that these increasing restrictions will cause women to search for alternative means of abortion?

Do you think these restrictions are being placed in order to make women more afraid to choose abortion?

Are these restrictions justified or immoral?

Using your own opinion or that of one of the authors we have read about this week, do you think it is moral for a woman to use an alternative means of abortion considering the complications it can bring about?


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