Medical Ethics PHIL 148 @ Binghamton University, Sum 11



This Fall I'll be a sophomore at Binghamton; I'm majoring in PPL and Accounting. Since there are a lot of requirements for both majors, I'm taking Medical Ethics so I can get ahead (and hopefully graduate on time). I thought that Medical Ethics seemed like the most interesting Phil summer class, so here I am. I will also be UTAing next semester (Phil 201) and this kind of frightens me-- hopefully the discussion and interaction within this class will give me some confidence in leading a successful and stimulating discussion section next semester. I love the summer because it gives me some much needed time to relax, travel, catch up on reading that I don't get to during the school year, and spend time with good people. Fun fact: it took me several tries to figure out an avatar that I liked-- this fox is from the cover of one of my favorite records, Daisy by Brand New.

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