Medical Ethics PHIL 148 @ Binghamton University, Sum 11


avatar Brandon

A philosophy Ph. D student in the program on Social, Political, Ethical, and Legal Philosophy at SUNY Binghamton, I examine issues at the intersection of normative, medical, and feminist ethics by analyzing how moral structures and understandings are organized around constructions of personal identity. I teach at Binghamton, Cortland College, and Ithaca College. Outside of philosophy, I live in Binghamton with my lovely wife, a wildly active 18 month old daughter, and a rapscallion of a cat.

avatar Marisa

This Fall I'll be a sophomore at Binghamton; I'm majoring in PPL and Accounting. Since there are a lot of requirements for both majors, I'm taking Medical Ethics so I can get ahead (and hopefully graduate on time). I thought that Medical Ethics seemed like the most interesting Phil summer class, so here I am. I will also be UTAing next semester (Phil 201) and this kind of frightens me-- hopefully the discussion and interaction within this class will give me some confidence in leading a successful and stimulating discussion section next semester. I love the summer because it gives me some much needed time to relax, travel, catch up on reading that I don't get to during the school year, and spend time with good people. Fun fact: it took me several tries to figure out an avatar that I liked-- this fox is from the cover of one of my favorite records, Daisy by Brand New.

avatar Rameisha

avatar selisha

Hello, my name is Shaaron Elisha. I am a biology major. My interests and hobbies are broad. There is a question I enjoy asking people: Would you rather master one thing or be good at many things? The answers that I have gotten vary considerably but I personally have chosen the latter. I devote my time to different hobbies rather than master one. I enjoy basketball, football, soccer, guitar, piano, carpentry, hiking, painting, gardening. I am happy with the degree I chose. Biology was always my favorite subject ever since I was 10 years old but it is not my passion. My dream is to one day own a vineyard. If carpentry or farming were a more respectable and well paying job I would be happy doing that for the rest of my life. I am an introvert but I am not shy. I am going into the army in August and I am both anxious and excited for the difficult but rare experience it will give me. It is something I've wanted to do for some time now. I am not a big fighter and I don't agree with war but I know that it is inevitable as it always has been, and I cannot stand aside and let other people fight for me, it makes me feel weak and helpless. I think another reason I wished to join was because I was always fascinated by older war stories and the way their characters were portrayed as having honor, respect, bravery, and chivalry. I guess I hoped to emulate their ways. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy summer and good upcoming semester.

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