This is it, the Final Exam.  The exam is timed (75 minutes) and comprehensive.

Because it is comprehensive, you need to remember basic information from the beginning of the course.  You can use any resources (after all, I couldn’t check), but you will most likely do the best if you don’t have to worry about finding the information and can just answer off the top of your head.

Because it is timed (75 minutes), you need to be ready to go when you follow the link that is coming up.  I can see when you access the page, so that gives me my starting time (I just assume you start the test within 5 minutes of visiting the page).  And you have 5 minutes from the end of 75 minutes to email me the exam as an attachment.  This means that if you visited the link above at 8:32 PM, I would assume you started the exam at 8:37 PM and you would have until 9:52 PM to finish and until 9:57 PM to email it to me.

The point being: don’t visit that link until you are ready to take the exam!!!


Here is the link.

Good Luck!


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