Profile Instructions

After clicking the link in your initial membership email (received before the start of class) you should be taken to the Profile screen.  If you are, skip to step 3.  If you are logged in, but not at the Profile screen, skip to step 2.

  1. Make sure you are on the main page, find the Log in link under “Submit Assignment” in the right hand sidebar, and click the link.
  2. There should be a gray bar at the top of the screen.  Hover your cursor over the words “Howdy, <Your Name>” (this will be in the right hand corner of the bar).  Click “Edit My Profile” in the drop down menu.
    • If even after this, you cannot get to the Profile screen, click here.
  3. Once on the Profile page, skip the Personal Options section for now.  You can come back and edit this at any time once you are more comfortable with the site.
  4. Under the Name section, fill in the First and Last Name fields.  This allows me to keep track of what Display Name belongs to whom.  These fields will never be displayed publicly unless you choose to do so.
  5. Important: Again under the Name section, fill in the Nickname field.  It is important that this nickname match or closely match the name you will be using on the personal blog, so other students can more easily connect up your work on the main site with your work on your personal blog.  I highly recommend that you use a nickname either made up of your name or related to your name, but this is entirely optional.  Although please keep in mind that your nickname should not be offensive or insulting!
  6. To finish up under the Name section, choose the name you want displayed on your comments and posts by using the drop down menu next to “Display name publicly as.”
  7. Under Contact Info, fill in your preferred email (again, this will not be made public, although it may be used by your classmates).
  8. Important: Under Contact Info, fill in the Website field with the address of the blog you will be using for this course.  This address will display on the People page.  Filling in this field will allow me to create a blogroll of all the blogs for the course and allow other students to find your material (quite important, indeed!).
  9. Important: Under About Yourself, write a description that you think best represents the “essence” of you.  Major?  Things you like to do?  Funny story?  Sum yourself up.  This is the description that will appear next to your display name on the People page.  You will have an opportunity to do a more extensive introduction with writing prompt 01.
  10. !!!Extra Important!!!: the first time you visit the site, make sure you reset your password to something secure that you will remember by filling in the New Password form.
  11. Upload a avatar to represent you on the site.  You may use a picture of yourself, a pet, or something more abstract (landscape, art, buildings, etc.).  Again, keep in mind that the image should not be offensive or insulting (this means no nudity or near nudity, please)!  We’re aiming to create a friendly environment on this site.  The ideal image dimensions are square.
  12. Finally, make sure you press the “Update Profile” button at the bottom of the page.  Otherwise, nothing you have done will be saved.

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  1. avatar Dom says:

    Just to clarify, do we have to create an individual blog for the class?

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