Writing Prompt

Purpose: It is important when you write that you make explicit connections between the different parts of your writing.  In this assignment, you will begin thinking about how multiple posts from this semester are connected and how these connections can be used to motivate your writing.

Word Count: The best posts will be 450-750 words.

Before You Write

Look over the 5 posts you selected for your final post.  Find two posts that share some important element (theme, concept, theory position, etc.)  As you read the two posts, consider:

  • Is there one concept, theory, or idea that reoccurs in the two posts?  How is it used?  How is it related in the two posts?
  • Are there two ideas that are radically (or, possibly, just slightly, but in an interesting way) opposed to one another in the two posts?
  • Could you use your understanding of the material from a later post to solve a problem raised in an earlier post?
  • Does each post represent a position that falls into animal liberation or ecological ethics perspectives?  Do they match up?


Using pointing words and other tips from Chapter 8 of the Graff and Birkenstein, talk about one way the two posts you selected helped your personal environmental ethics perspective to develop by focusing on connections (see the questions above) between the two posts.  In the process of writing, be sure you

  • Include a link to the two posts you are talking about
  • Give brief summaries of the relevant information from each post
  • Make explicit connections between the two posts.  These connections should make clear
    • How the posts are related (are the positions in the two posts opposed, developments of each other, interconnected in some other way?)
    • How the development between the posts contributed to your learning development.


When commenting on posts answering this prompt, look over the actual posts the student is drawing on, and respond by

  • Giving suggestions about how the posts are connected
  • Pointing out unclear connections
  • Asking clarifying questions
  • . . . and otherwise giving advice on how to further develop the connections between the posts.

To Do

  1. Read: Graff/Birenstein: Chapter 8: ”As a Result” Connecting the Parts [105-128]
  2. Post: Prompt 12 | Due 1:00 PM EST
  3. Comment: On at least 3 Group Member posts | 1st Due 8:00 PM EST | All Due Jan 23, 8:00 AM EST

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