Writing Prompt

Purpose: In this assignment, you will apply the personal environmental ethic that you are developing to group projects to explore what particular view you would take.

Word Count: The best posts will be 700-800 words.


From your newly minted personal environmental ethic, what stance do you take on two of the group project topics and why?

Choose two group projects (your own and one other) and consider how your personal environmental ethic applies to each issue.  As you write, be sure to:

  • State your stance on each issue
  • State what concepts or theories important to your personal environmental ethic are relevant to the issues
  • Appeal to at least two writers from each presentation
  • Point out any similarities between the two topics
  • Point out any differences between the two topics

Exam Questions

Write 4 points worth of exam questions based on a presentation (or presentations) other than your own and email them to the instructor.

To Do

  1. Read: Group Presentations
  2. Comment: On Presentations | 1st Due 8:00 PM EST | All Due Jan 27, 8:00 AM EST
  3. Post: Prompt 14: Reflection Post (On Presentations) | Due 8:00 PM EST
  4. Email: Exam questions to instructor | Due 5:00 PM EST

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